Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So she got on board at the stop on 9th St at Hope St in Downtown LA, she made quite the entrance- everyone on the METRO bus saw those shoes!
She reminded me of a cross between Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse, she goes to FIDM and I discovered later that she spoke Spanish too (perhaps part Hispanic/Latina i thought Italian) after all she was headed to the east side.

Her LOOK was perfect for this heat in winter: the "im not really trying but deep down i do care"
Purple jersey jumpsuit (though i would of gone with a black colored bra instead of that nude color), sunglasses, gold bangle bracelets, COACH bag (not a fan of the brand as my friend says why pick the name of the worst section of seating on a plane?), silk scarf and those high fierce black heels, i think they were suede, "no name brand" she said, they looked like something Alexander McQueen would of created.
Props in my book to her because she had a Blackberry and not an iPhone!

P.S.- Everyone has spilled OJ, just be glad it was inside the bag on your papers and not your clothing.

What you would of seen if you had been riding METRO buses and trains instead of driving alone in your car and bitching about traffic and parking lol :)

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Urban Jungle Fashion said...

Her shoes are so freakin' cute!