Tuesday, September 25, 2012

why i love (and support) PBS...

this month i had the opportunity to watch 3 great docu films on PBS
the 1st one frank. the 2nd function and 3rd food. different from each other but all thought provoking.

 watch the full film online now until September 30 here

more info here

 more info here

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Aura Dione -- Geronimo (LA, 2011)

 a friend introduced me to Aura Dione's music, he described her as "if Lady Gaga and Shakira had a child" To me she kind of reminds me of Nicole Richie, looks wise. I've never heard Nicole sing.
 This was a #1 hit single for Aura in Europe: Denmark, Austria and Germany.
The music video was filmed in downtown Los Angeles.
 I see Spring St, Gucci bag, starts in black and white then goes to spot color (so 1990s) then to full color, an Amex card, The Chapman Flats (Broadway at 8th) and the 6th street bridge.
 Just the kind of chick girl i used to go for when i tried (sampled aka was in the closet) being straight.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On Hollywood Blvd

Looking at the picture i just noticed that there's an H&M store on Hollywood Blvd (didn't know that) though I've been to the ZARA store on that same block.

 I enjoyed seeing Michael Jackson (sure his skin color is more mocha than pale white) but more importantly i did give him a tip for letting me take his picture

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

say cheese!...click...snap!

Sorry, I apologize I've been very busy lately which makes me tired and in turn lazy...about blogging.
I know everyone is busy and that's not a valid excuse, we make time for the things we need and want.
Please click on the links (in purple) for more info regarding each pictures subject (great details, insight and stories)

LA's Koreatown: 6th at Normandie  hotel getting some work done- rehab...more like face lift!

this was on Vermont near Santa Monica Blvd across LACC like a sidewalk swap meet

heading down at Metro Red Line- Vermont/Santa Monica station (just as long and steep as Wilshire/Vermont station)

on 8th St at Hope St looking towards U.S. Bank Tower (tallest building in California- 73 floors)

Rush Snack Bar at 7th Street metro station

7th Street metro station- upper level blue line, lower level purple & red lines

love the Westlake Theatre sign, i remember going inside a couple years ago when the swap meet was open to check out how the inside was and you could see parts of ceiling, floor, walls

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday afternoon 10 miles east of downtown LA

around 1:30 pm looking east: menacing dark clouds (not my favorite season- i'm a spring/summer type)

looking west: (love my palm tree, it is southern California- Los Angeles after all) cool, light rain and wind

Thursday, January 26, 2012

91030 warm small town

Went to South Pasadena scouting for residential property, was looking for a nice single home or even better would be a duplex or triplex. I can realistically see myself living and calling South Pasadena (<-wiki link) home.
 Its a buyers market with plenty of inventory available, especially foreclosed properties.

I love its small town feel and its definitely more affordable than San Marino. When I've visited South Pasadena alone its usually via the METRO Gold line which has a stop on Mission St at Meridian. On this visit i went via car accompanied by an associate and afterwards we went for a walk down Fair Oaks. I still feel bad that i never made time to visit the RIALTO theater before it officially closed in 2009.

I took these pictures on our walk down Fair Oaks, i was happy to see the theater but sad to see its current state of disrepair.

This mini-documentary by student filmmaker Miranda Gontz

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So she got on board at the stop on 9th St at Hope St in Downtown LA, she made quite the entrance- everyone on the METRO bus saw those shoes!
She reminded me of a cross between Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse, she goes to FIDM and I discovered later that she spoke Spanish too (perhaps part Hispanic/Latina i thought Italian) after all she was headed to the east side.

Her LOOK was perfect for this heat in winter: the "im not really trying but deep down i do care"
Purple jersey jumpsuit (though i would of gone with a black colored bra instead of that nude color), sunglasses, gold bangle bracelets, COACH bag (not a fan of the brand as my friend says why pick the name of the worst section of seating on a plane?), silk scarf and those high fierce black heels, i think they were suede, "no name brand" she said, they looked like something Alexander McQueen would of created.
Props in my book to her because she had a Blackberry and not an iPhone!

P.S.- Everyone has spilled OJ, just be glad it was inside the bag on your papers and not your clothing.

What you would of seen if you had been riding METRO buses and trains instead of driving alone in your car and bitching about traffic and parking lol :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Downtown LA always popping with action...

walking down S. Hill St near 9th st in downtown LA

i come across this which from a distance looks like police activity

but in reality its all "make believe" and "fake"

its a filming set- shooting "on location"

its for the TNT cable channel's SOUTHLAND series-returns January 17th, 2012 at 10pm

* this was on Thursday, December 15, 2011 around 11:30 am pst 

Monday, December 5, 2011

To GIVE or Not...that is the question!

I love the PANTAGES theater!!! FYI: WICKED is playing now through the end of January.

I LOVE the revitalization, they got a Trader Joe's at 1600 Vine in Hollywood. We NEED and WANT one in Downtown Los Angeles. I HATE all the billboards- its visual pollution and these aren't even the digital ones.

entrance to the METRO station- above is the W hotel Hollywood

During one of my usual commutes into work in Hollywood, the following happened:

A middle aged women along with a 20-something dude board at my station and as soon as the train begins to move they start passing these wrapped pens (others I've seen pass key chains at fast food places) that have a note saying:

"I am DEAF. forgive me for bothering you. I am selling this to make a living. Donation $1 or $2 dollars. God Bless You. Thank You."

Some people gave them right back but I was too busy reading plus had my earphones on that i was not quick enough. I am quite cynical and jaded still that I always question these kind of situations. I mean why have a second person along? a wing man, an assistant or more like an accomplice? I also thought what if someone stepped on her foot "by mistake" of course, would she scream?
Suffice to say i did not make a donation. Several people did.
Street performers- there are several around downtown LA that play instruments and i do drop a buck or five every time i see them, my rationale is that they are actually "working for the donation", and I'm getting something in return.

Otherwise i give to several charities yearly and my cut off date is the end of September, so that way i wont be forced by guilt into donating during the holiday season which for me is from Thanksgiving through December 31st.

I never read the book The Secret but i do believe that if you are positive, are a giver, donate especially money, it does come back to you: 2 fold and more.

Ive had several instances this year where i was not certain if i should give, i too have been affected by the recession.
I try not to think about the number in losses or else i will go crazy with the second guessing, what if, suppose, etc.
It was only "numbers on paper" it wasn't cash or liquid assets.
Anyways in the end- rich or poor- we don't take nothing with us.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

worth a dollar?

saw these at the 99 cent only chain store.

Picked the 3 titles pictured because they are instantly recognizable to mostly everyone.

When your career and or popularity goes down, when regular sales through traditional channels fail.

this is where your book ends up.

I only purchased the John McCain book, though the other 2 personalities are better looking, his was easier and more fun to read.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

my view of downtown LA this past week

FYI- i was not in downtown LA on Thursday. When i know before hand there's going to be a march, protest or big event for that matter, i tend to avoid the area.
I am not anti-social, just anti-crowds and anti-elevators too they tend to provoke my anxiety.

As always...click on pictures to enlarge and on links for more information about the subject of each picture.

3rd at Broadway- Bradbury bldg, Million Dollar theater and Grand Central Market in the distance.

Spring near 4th- beware of BIG dog...on sidewalk!

digging in progress for pocket park next to Rowan Lofts on Spring St.

6th at Spring St.- 3 of 5 parked cars in that picture had handicap placards- 2 blue and 1 red...mmm?

Broadway- Arcade Theatre marquee- i hate this kind of tacky ugly signage, pisses me off!

Spring St. at 5th- The Last Bookstore, love the building, the signage and the books inside!

3rd between Broadway and Spring- Anthony Quinn mural on side of Victor Clothing bldg.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Semi Sweet Bakery at 105 E. 6th St. DTLA

Heading to Semi Sweet Bakery on 6th near Main St. next to Las Perlas and across Cole's french dip.

Yes there is BabyCakes across the street and around the corner on Main St is Big Man Bakes, I've visited and written about both, Semi Sweet Bakery fits right in- great variety and quality, the flavors, the textures everything tastes so so so GOOD!

entrance to the shop- pic came out blurry, sorry but i was in a hurry.

everything looked so good, hard to decide...mmm.

got my baked goods and off i went...

this is what i got on my 1st visit...but it won't be my last. Prosciutto Goat Cheese Danish, Red Velvet Ding-a-Ling, Maple Bacon Sticky Buns, Chocolate Banana Pound Cake, Coconut Macaroon.